Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB1657)
Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB1657)

SB1657 gives Illinois the ability to encourage better business practices among gun dealers and hold corrupt dealers accountable.

Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition


Protecting our children, families and communities from gun violence

The Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition (ILGVP) advocates for common sense, evidence-based gun violence prevention measures that will save lives in Illinois.

The Coalition achieves this mission through building grassroots outreach, supporting legislative policies to reduce easy access to firearms, and working in partnership with key stakeholders, including faith and community groups, families and survivors of gun violence, law enforcement, and elected officials to end the gun violence crisis in Illinois.

Call Your Legislator

We make it easy to find and call your legislators. Direct contact from voters is one the best way to drive our lawmakers to take action!


Email Your Legislator

It’s quick and easy to message to your legislators. Emails from you let our lawmakers know Illinoisans are serious about common sense gun violence prevention measures.


File a Witness Slip

Witness slips are an important but often overlooked part of the legislative process. Learn more about how you can make an impact with witness slips.




Together we can
end gun violence



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